Our Story

Starting as a group of friends just looking for a place to dance and groove to some funky tunes, Funk in the Forest has grown to become regionally known for its good times and great vibes!

While there couldn’t have been more than a handful of us at that first year, there was something magical about the night.

Every year the party grew and our funktastic event family grew with it.

The very first lineup had only 3 local bands, but together they built a scene of positive, funky, musical energy that Corvallis was sorely lacking at the time.

Some years we were so pumped after the spring show we’d throw a fall event as well!

This is now the 9th Funk In The Forest since we began six years ago. With that passion and energy behind us, and an amazing lineup of local music, artists, vendors, and community involvement we are stoked to make this the best Funk In The Forest yet!